RSI Company develops high quality software products for the Automation Industry. Our products provide "Add-On" features to augment your SCADA System.

Current Product List:
RSI Health System The RSI Health System is a Windows .NET 4.5 Service that monitors your Windows based PC. It provides feedback that can be used to determine the health of your server. You will find valuable information about your Hard Drive, CPU, Operating System, and Processes. This information can be sent to your SCADA System or email account to provide early warning of potential server problems. The Health System is a Centralized service that can collect data from any server running RSI's Data Service. Please install the data service first on any machine that you want to monitor.
RSI Starter The RSI Starter is a simple Windows Startup organization utility. Startup your automation system in a controlled manner. RSI Starter allows full control of the programs that will started inculding delay periods between each program. The Startup can be canceled at anytime.
RSI OPC Viewer High Speed OPC Viewer with browser. Great for quickly viewing and troubleshooting your OPC-DA Data.
GENESIS64 Add-Ins RSI Company is developing several "Add-ins" that extend the GENESIS64 products. Our first release is the Trend Viewer Config. This simple, yet powerful tool extends the TrendWorX Viewer. Place it on your display and attach it to a TrendWorX Viewer. Your users will now be able to browse and build their own trend configurations - and save them for future use! The configurations are stored in a SQL Database and allow storage in a common or personal area. The tool also provides a quick data grid view of the data on your trend screen allowing you to save the data to a spreadsheet and even email it with a click. The free download provides a fully functional 30 day demo. Follow the link below to download it and give it a try.
SQL Data Merge SQL Data Merge is a Windows .NET 2.0 service that can be used to merge MS SQL Database tables. It provides 2 modes of operation: Append and Merge. The Append mode is used for tables that have historical records based on a Date. The target table is evaluated for the most recent entry. Only missing data is pulled from the source table and inserted in the target table. Append supports multiple sources and multiple targets. The Merge mode is used to keep 2 tables in sync - when data changes in the 1st table, SQL Data Merge will make the same change in the 2nd table, and vice versa.
Product Support Plans All RSI Comany products come with a 90 day Support Plan. You can extend the support plan to 1 year with the purchase of our standard support plan.